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I strongly dislike being banned

2009-10-08 18:29:43 by Ksmittlez

However it gave me time to acctualy contribute to the art bbs instead of just posting smartass replys. To bad I'll have to wait till tomorrow to post them.

ANYWAY! So have you heard we're gonna bomb the fucking moon? Should be fun eh?



2009-10-03 19:13:13 by Ksmittlez

So like I was tottaly bored today and got an idea for a comic. I'm pretty happy with the finished product esspecially because its my first illustration using my new wacom tablet. Anyway its uploaded to newground but I'll include it here for you lazy bastards. Let me know what you think :)



2009-10-02 12:15:34 by Ksmittlez

Okay so my hard drive crashed and since I haven't made a back up in over a month (I know stupid me) I lost all my hard work on "Comunity of Terrorists" Since I have all the background I had made thus far posted on newground I was considering just starting over and using thoughs but I decided that I really didn't feel like doing all of the animation over again.

I don't have anything in the works right now but I will post here as soon as I have an Idea. If your interested in a colab please just meassage me thanks :)

Here I will be posting updates on my progress with my "Community of Terrorists" Project. I will update this after every work session I put in on it so there might be as many as 3 or 4 updates a day.

*UPDATE 1 Friday 9/25/09 10:51 AM Overall Overall Compleation 25%*
Animation: 0% compleated
Backgrounds: 25% compleated
Music: 100% compleated
Sfx: 0% compleated
Voice acting: 0% compleated (I STILL NEED A VOICE ACTOR)


2009-09-24 15:30:02 by Ksmittlez

I need a voice actor. Its only one line and it probably won't take you that long but it would be a big help. Email me if your interested. thanks :)

I was gone for a couple months if anyone noticed. Fucking comcast. But now I'm back YAY :D

SyFy? Fuck it!

2009-03-19 14:05:22 by Ksmittlez

It has recently been brought to my attention that the SciFi Channel will soon be changing its name to SyFy. Thats right, the channel that has been home to shows like MST3K, Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactica, and many more AMAZING Science Fiction shows is changing its name. "But Ksmittlez WHY are they changing the name?" HA. I'll Tell you why, its because thats how people text it. Can you believe that? ITS ONLY ONE LESS LETER! SciFi is short for science fiction and thats how it should stay, SyFy doesn't even make any sence.

I propose that all of us who are fans of Science Fiction and the SciFi Channel it self should should stand up and tell them how rediculous this is.

Send your e-mails to:


2009-03-10 17:04:40 by Ksmittlez

I'm going to the Mindless Self Indulgence/Velvet Code concert here in Seattle on the 30th. I'll try to get some video and/or pictures.

Haha finaly made an account here.

2009-03-10 00:35:02 by Ksmittlez

I've been using newgrounds for ages and never made an account here 'cause I don't have flash and even if I did I wouldn't know how to do shit with it. But I decided that I should make on and low and behold I can post my youtube videos HERE using these posts. No one will watch them but who gives a fuck. Am I right?